Alexandra and Tommy are Kentucky natives who met and fell in love in Lexington, Kentucky. When realizing the world was quickly going up in flames in March, Alexandra slid into Tommy's DMs and asked "would it be weird if I slid into your DMs?" Because in 2020, what do you have to lose? 
As COVID-19 spread across the globe and effectively shut down everything we knew and loved, we realized we needed another creative outlet. Alexandra remembers growing up with a mom who at one point was apart of a candle making business with her brother. The different scents enveloping her home and how therapeutic it seemed for her mom made it something she wanted to try out. 
We created With Love Candle Co. in June of 2020. The name was a no brainer. We create scents based on the people and things we love and we do it together. Our loved ones showed us so much support immediately and we have sold and shipped over 1,000 candles to over 30 states in just a few short months of being in business. 
We strive to be as green as possible with our business. We reuse a lot of our shipping materials and encourage our customers to reuse or recycle any packaging they receive from us. Our candles are made with 100% soy wax made from soy beans grown in the USA. 
We are proudly Black (Tommy) + Woman (Alexandra) owned. 

Alexandra | Co-Founder & Marketing Guru

Alexandra is a proud Appalachian from Paintsville, Kentucky. She holds a BA in Arts Administration and is currently studying to earn her MS in Retail and Tourism Management at the University of Kentucky. In love with all things creepy, mysterious, and cooky - you'll find her dressed in all black and catching up on true crime cases. All collections Alexandra creates will be inspired by things like astrology and mysticism, literature and mythology, and her love for powerful women. She has two black cats named Sabrina and Salem. She dreams of owning a music venue that centers around artist success and growth in Lexington one day.

Business app she can't live without: Canva. 


Tommy | Co-Founder & Shipping Specialist

Tommy is from Frankfort, Kentucky. He is currently studying to earn his BA in Marketing at Arizona State University. Tommy plays the trombone and plays in local Lexington ska band The Rough Customers. When he was attending UK, you could find him as a trombone section leader in the Wildcat Marching Band. When he's not tooting his trombone, he's probably playing video games or acting as a Dungeon Master for a Dungeons and Dragons group. All collections Tommy creates will be inspired by his love of coffee and coffee based beverages, video games, and music. He has a tuxedo cat named Molly. He dreams of starting a farming + gardening organization that helps Lexington's homeless population learn skills and earn money to get back on their feet. 

Business app he can't live without: Pirate Ship.

images taken by Emily Hedges of EH Photography.