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If you live in or around Lexington, Kentucky, you've probably heard about DanceBlue. It is a 24 hour Dance Marathon and one of the fastest growing philanthropy events in the South East. University of Kentucky students fundraise year around for

DanceBlue Kentucky Children’s Hospital Hematology/Oncology Clinic. The event has raised over $17,300,000 in 15 years. 

The Golden Matrix Fund provides care and support to not only children fighting cancer, but their families as well. 

I have known Miranda for a few years now, we met through our mutual friend, Angelo. Miranda is one of the kindest people I know. In July 2020, Miranda started her journey at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine. Starting medical school during a global pandemic has been less than ideal; her white coat ceremony was largely virtual and she admitted that it's been difficult to get to know her College of Medicine cohort.

But that hasn't stopped her from passionately pursuing her DanceBlue goal. DanceBlue fundraising is usually a very hands on experience - hosting restaurant nights, going door to door to ask for donations in local neighborhoods, 5K events. All have been very hard to do in the wake of COVID-19. So far, she has raised $5. Nevertheless, she is persisting. 

When I asked Miranda why she wanted to be a doctor, she said her reasoning has always been rooted in the desire to help those that are fighting cancer. "I decided to pursue a career in medicine during my sophomore year of college when my best friend’s father had courageously decided to stop treatment after his 3-year long battle with cancer. When my friend called to tell me the news, my heart was broken for her. She was losing her father. This moment was a turning point for me because not only did I realize the gravity and hardship of the disease, but also the toll that it takes on patients and families affected by a cancer diagnosis. Instead of living care-free as a college student, my best friend was commuting hours home every weekend to spend time with her father and worrying about his health, all while balancing a full-time student course load. My mission in medicine is to not only help patients, but to guide families and friends affected by cancer as well."

Miranda always has a smile on her face. Her loving, bright disposition will make her an asset to the medical field and the children and families she seeks to serve one day. 

"Furthermore, my decision to be part of DanceBlue comes from an interest in pursuing a career in pediatric oncology after medical school. Children have such bright, positive energy and even when ill, are able to see the joy in life. I hope that by contributing to DanceBlue, I can help alleviate the emotional burden and hardship faced by pediatric cancer patients, families, and friends at Kentucky Children’s Hospital, so they can instead focus on healing and continuing to find the good in every day."

So where do we, a candle company, come in? As we have said time and time again - giving back to our community is important to us. We are partnering with Miranda this holiday season. 10% of our proceeds from our Black Friday sale will be donated to Miranda's DanceBlue fundraiser.

Our Black Friday sale will take place November 27 - November 30. All candles will be buy one get one 50% off (except the Extra Life bundle and the Sunmates candle). The first 12 orders over $100 will receive a full sized mystery candle. The first 20 orders over $50 will receive a mini mystery candle. 

We are so excited to be in a position where we can partner with our friends to raise money for causes that mean the most to our community. We hope that if you can't participate in our Black Friday Sale, you'll consider donating to Miranda's fund. Even $1 helps more than you know! 

With Love Always,

Alexandra + Tommy

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