Caring For Your Wood Wick Candle

Wood wick candles add a new level of "cozy" to a product that is already super comforting. A wood wick is literally a wick made out of wood - they are extremely popular due to the crackling sounds they make as they burn. Don't have a fireplace? No problem - get yourself a wood wick candle and imitate the sound. 

We have decided to use wood wicks instead of our regular cotton wicks for our seasonal candles here at With Love Candle Co. What's better than a fall candle and a crackling wick? Nothing! 

With that being said, we also recognize that wood wicks are a little trickier to manage than regular cotton wicks. Below are some tips to help you burn successfully and safely: 

Tip 1. Light the wick from an angle:

When lighting your wood wick, make sure you tilt your jar and light it at one end of the wick and let the flame draw naturally across the wick. Think of it in the way that you angle a match after you strike it. 

It may take a couple of tries to get your wood wick to properly light, and that's normal! Be patient and give it 2-3 tries if it does not light immediately. It typically takes Alexandra 2-3 tries to light our test candles due to not quite being a Wood Wick Pro just yet. 

Tip 2: Create a good "Candle Memory" 

Believe it or not, candles totally have memories. The first burn of your candle can make or break how nicely it burns each time after. 

The first time you burn your candle, wood wick, or not, you should allow it to burn until the melt pool reaches the edges of your candle vessel. This typically takes about 2 hours of burning (and you should not burn it more than 4 hours at a time to ensure the length of life of your candle). 

If you do not let it melt to the edges of the jar, it will harden back up to the size of the melt pool you gave it. Beyond that, it will be really hard to get it to realize it still has plenty of room to melt! It's called "tunneling" and can happen for many reasons, but not burning long enough is one of the biggest culprits. We will make an additional blog post about how to fix tunneling if it happens to you. 

This can be especially precarious for wood wick candles because the wax pool can build up and essentially drown your flame! 

Tip 3: Keep your wick trimmed!

Again, this goes whether you have a wood wick or a cotton wick. Before each burn, you should be trimming your wick. Take scissors (or get wick trimmers if you're a true candle fiend) and get rid of any burnt yucky gunk on the wick. For cotton wicks, this keeps the flame from getting too large and singing your eyebrows off when you light it. 

With a wood wick, the charred ends could be what's keeping your candle from lighting and staying lit. 

With all of these tips and methods in place, your wood wick candle should live a long life and bring a whole new level of joy and comfort to your home. 

With Love Always,

- Alexandra & Tommy


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